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Riverbed Xirrus

Xirrus offers some of the highest performance access points available including multiple radio versions to meet today's high density, high capacity demands

Value Priced Multi-Purpose HighDensity HighDensity Modular Outdoor
XR320 11ac wallpoint XR600 11ac AP XD4 11ac Wave 1/2 AP XR-2000 11ac Wave 1/2 AP  XH2 11ac AP
X2 11ac AP XD2 11ac Wave 2 AP XA4 11ac Wave 2 AP XR-4000 11ac Wave 1/2 AP XR-2425H 11n AP

To reduce the complexity of getting users and guests connected to your WiFi network, Xirrus offers EasyPass. EasyPass is designed for use in the following scenarios:

In an office or school/university, EasyPass Onboarding would be used for employees and students to log in using unique credentials or Office 365 or Google credentials. When the employee or student leaves only their credentials are deleted avoiding the need to change the WiFi password for everybody.

In a cafe, EasyPass Guest would be used with access granted using a social media login or a voucher code printed on a docket or scratch card. This access can be time and data limited.

In a hotel, guests can create their own login credentials - probably the same as the ones they for their home WiFi. This is EasyPass Personal.