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Avaya IP Office

Release 10.1 for IP Office is the current version and all previous versions can be updated. An IP500v2 chassis is required (introduced in 2010) or Server Edition and certain older modules and expansion chassis' are not supported for this upgrade.
The Avaya IP Office is available as either a hardware appliance in Essential Edition or Preferred Edition or as a Server Edition so what version do I need?
For a single site up to 100 users or for up to 32 sites and up to 1000 users in total with modest voicemail requirements then Essential Edition is what you need. It provides IP Phones and lines, Embedded Voicemail and basic mobility.
If you have larger sites up to 250 extensions, you utilise voicemail heavily or you need to have facilities for meet-me conferencing then  Preferred Edition is recommended. It introduces server-based voicemail, user profiles, and enhanced mobility.
The IP500v2 chassis can support up to 384 phones but for sites larger than 250 extensions, Server Edition is recommended. Running on its own server or as a VMWare image or now under Release 10.1 a Hyper-V image or even an Amazon Machine Image sites up to 2000 extensions can be supported.
As an alternative for multiple sites, install a single Server Edition with a SIP trunk and run the extensions over private links. You get the economy of scale and the efficiency of a single group of lines. This approach makes adding new sites as simple as getting a data connection, adding phones and licensing if required.