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Carrier Liaison

Are you frustrated with dealing with the major carriers for new connections, programming changes and faults? Most people are so why not let us take this frustration away from you?

ICS Technologies is free to offer unbiased advice on the best products and services for specific purposes because of our policy not to deal exclusively with the products and services of any single provider.

We are able to offer services from AAPT Business Connect, Bendigo Bank Telco, SEQ Telco, Telstra and Vocus. We can also arrange VoIP lines from other carriers such as World Dial Point for delivery over any other providers circuit. We can act on your behalf to ensure line faults and programming changes are dealt with in a timely manner along with the ordering & installation of new lines. This will take the guess work out of the many complicated forms that need to be filled out.

If you are moving premises we would prefer to manage the connection of the new lines so we can ensure the right lines in the right configuration are provided and keep across the order to make sure it is progressing so you get the services you want when you want them. The last thing you want to happen is to move into a new premise to find you have no lines because there was a problem with the order several weeks ago that the carrier failed to notify you of. If the lines you want cannot not be delivered in time then we will try to arrange an alternate connection most likely using a VoIP line over 4G.